Client Testimonials

"I have used the services of both EQ and Amber for a number of years now. They are very professional but approachable and always willing to listen and provide valuable advice when needed."

Sandy McAllister
AMCA Creative Limited

I have used EQ as my financial advisers for both my business and personal affairs . Not only do they provide a quick, personal response to any of my requests, they are always thinking ahead and have provided valuable advice and tax planning over the years. I would have no hesitation in recommending EQ as they represent excellent value for money.”

Gordon Deuchars
Managing Director, GA Engineering


"EQ have provided Thorntons with outstanding advice over the past few years, particularly in relation to some areas of crucial importance to our business – both in terms of our medium and long-term strategic planning and through various merger and takeover considerations. They have also assisted us in structuring various internal accounting and business planning strategies.

In our experience, they deliver value for money outwith the normal adviser/client relationship and I would recommend their team to anyone.”

Craig Nicol
Joint Managing Partner, Thorntons Law LLP


"We enjoy working with EQ. As well as providing the normal compliance services, they have been able to provide advice and support at a strategic level over the years and are always quick with a response. A large part of any working relationship comes down to personalities and we've always found the EQ team friendly and approachable and we trust them to do the best for our business."

Brian Frame, Managing Director
Rautomead Limited

"They are very pragmatic and I think the great thing about them is that they are always willing to hear what your goals are and to support them. They don't necessarily want to go through an accounting approach to everything you do. As an example, a couple of years back when I first approached Stephen Taylor and said I had this idea for the app, we sat down over a cup of tea and Stephen asked me all about my business plan for the app. As the company grows, I need an accountancy firm big enough to grow with me."

Stuart Lothian, Managing Director
Lothianious and Its Appt

"Without their advice and assistance we would have been tied in knots. They seem to care as much about me as larger organisations and always have your best interests at heart, not letting you sail too close to the wind."

Steve Lindsay, Director
Datel Interiors

"We are not financially driven people – we are engineers. They have brought home to us the importance of understanding our accounts in detail and, when anything needs to be explained, it is done in layman's terms to us, which we appreciate! At the outset, they insisted on a quarterly meeting and initially we did not see the need for it, but we quickly realised that it was imperative."

Colin Millar, Managing Director
DP Services

"They are very in tune with our business, easy to deal with and integrate with our personnel seamlessly. They do our quarterly management accounts, so that we know exactly where we are at regular intervals, giving us extra peace of mind. Their input has helped us focus on the direction we want to be heading and where we want to be. To me, as a small business owner, it's indispensable having the back-up of a very professional firm to assist on the financial side, allowing me to concentrate on the engineering side."

Bill McCartney, Managing Director
Venture Oilfield Services

 "We have employed the services of the team at EQ for six years now. We have found them at all times to be very approachable, efficient and above all knowledgeable about all aspects of accounting and taxation. We have found them useful in discussing far wider issues of running a business over and above the usual presentation of accounts.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody seeking a firm who can help a business go forward in the current climate."

Marcus Johnstone
Charter Veterinary Surgeons

"Earlier this year our practice underwent a restructure process together with an acquisition. During this time, David Morrison's contacts and indepth knowledge of the needs of our veterinary practice were invaluable. We value our relationship with EQ, having worked with them now for a number of years."

Dorothy Chapman
Buchan Vets


"Stephen Taylor came up with the idea that we introduce a limited company, incorporating part of the home. We started a management and training company, Toft Services Ltd, as a way of reducing our tax liability as it became clear that we were paying more as a partnership than if we were a limited company. When you are not a genius with figures and do not understand money matters, you need a professional on your side. They are very friendly, very approachable and always eager to help. Looking ahead to retirement, Kenny and Brenda are using their expertise to work on a business exit strategy."

Kenny Ironside, Partner
Mossview Care Home

"Shortly after we set up Lojigma, we were advised to work with them and we have never looked back. They have been very good partners in business. The services provided have ranged from setting up accounting systems to examining economic grant eligibility.If we are attempting to launch a new project where finance or investment is involved, or setting up a cooperation with some other companies or distributors, we involve them. Similarly, if we are setting up a joint venture cooperation internationally, they will have an input through our so-called 'open policy', in which we are open to all ideas."

Dr Suresh Patel, Managing Director
Lojigma International Ltd

"EQ have provided a first class service throughout their dealings with us, culminating in a large Research and Development Tax Credit claim being successfully secured. It's advice like this that's crucial to the continuing success of our business."

Bill Simmons, Finance Director

"We were very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the work they carried out during the management buyout due diligence, under the auspices of the Bank of Scotland, and we had no hesitation to retain their services to provide management accountant support and our annual audit. They are now one of our key advisors and an integral part of our business. Their team helps us with all aspects of our finance processes from banking and investments through to identifying potential grant assistance, advising on insurance requirements and of course effective tax planning. But one of the most powerful tools they have helped us to implement is our job costing system which has transformed our production process by enabling us to see exactly where we were making money and, probably more importantly, the jobs which were not."

Forrester Adam, Managing Director
Haldane UK

“Following our move to EQ/Amber, we have been delighted by the advice and support provided. All our issues can be addressed by the one team, from a PAYE coding notice query to a business acquisition.

Nick & Tony Price
My Care (Grampian) & My Care (Tayside)


"As a medium sized business, we had used a "big 4" firm to carry out our audit and tax work for many years. Following some service issues, a decision was made to move to a local firm for that work. I am pleased to say that the move has been a benefit to us, with an improved service, and reduced costs. "

Colin Cameron, Finance Director
Scott & Fyfe Limited

"As each of my businesses has grown, EQ have supported me in achieving the appropriate business structure. This has enabled me to incentivise my key people in each company with a relevant equity interest, and to optimise the group structure, taking account of commercial risk and tax implications. EQ Taxation deliver an excellent blend of business advisory support and high level technical service."

John Forster, Managing Director
Forster Roofing Services Limited

"We use EQ Taxation for all of our taxation expertise and we value the relevant and imaginative advice provided. Recent work on share transfers and company reconstruction has provided the ideal structure for the company's continuing growth plans. EQ Taxation's advice is central to our goals for the expansion of our Global business.Our advisers are accessible, understandable, and professional in their approach. I enjoy the relationship which we share with EQ. "

Vivien Buchan, Head of Operations and Finance
Insights Learning & Development Limited

"I've been impressed with EQ's specialist agriculture and tax knowledge, which are relevant to my businesses. Their people are easy to communicate with and explain everything clearly. The diverse nature of my business activities means that various unconnected issues need to be considered, but EQ are able to see the whole picture and advise accordingly."

Duncan Hunter
D & I Hunter, Hunter Holiday Cottages, Kintyre Country Homes Ltd

"EQ have a very different approach to other accountants I've dealt with. They've taken the time to understand my business and the needs of my family, and deliver appropriate advice based on that understanding. So far, I'm delighted with the service I have received."

Bill Dorward
W H Dorward Ltd (Plumbing, Heating & Gas Engineers)

"They are very good. If you ask any questions they respond to you – you do not have to chase them. I consider them value for money because, to me, it's important to have quality accountants and you've got to be very comfortable with them."

David Dryburgh, Managing Director
Express Garage Doors Ltd

"Entrepreneur and accountant may not appear at the top of your list as possessing a natural synergy, but I can testify to the catalytic synergy when Peter Southcott, became involved in our businesses. I have constantly been delighted by the proactive, entrepreneurial passion and lateral thought which is applied to every situation.They are not just our accountants - they are an integral part of our management team, being fully involved in our business and providing rather unique, proactive advise, leadership and a personal service, which is sadly missing from larger city accountancy practices, at a country rate."

Ron Kitchin,
The Kitchin, Castle Terrace Restaurant & The Scran & Scallie

"Ian and Stephen are very genuine, give you straight answers and you feel comfortable discussing anything with them.They do all our accountancy work, along with our personal tax matters and are always giving us good advice. They're a five-star firm, with very professional staff who make you feel at home, which is very important. I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending them to my friends or to any business associate."

Malcolm Wood, Managing Director
Ivan Wood and Sons Ltd

"It took 13 years in business and three previous accountancy firms until we found a firm such as EQ, who could provide the type of proactive taxation advice that really makes a difference."

Mark McCluskey, Managing Director
Kall Kwik Edinburgh

"We required a very quick solution to a project and EQ supplied it, in a very timely and professional manner, with minimal input from ourselves."

Guy Mitchell, Director of Finance

"I would be happy to recommend EQ Chartered Accountants and Amber Accounting Services to any business or individual looking for a comprehensive, friendly and professional approach to tax and accountancy matters. Having taken responsibility for running my own business in 2012, their combined advice has been invaluable as part of the process."

Robin Matthew, Director

"I was so impressed with that initial response that I changed accountants immediately. They took me on the right track straight away, thanks to Peter Southcott, who I deal with, and now also Steven Todd. Two years ago, the business expanded with the acquisition of Formlink Ltd, which was a good fit as it produced such items as labels and computer stationery which were not core business to West Port Print and Design. Peter was a huge help with this purchase, providing sound advice and help before becoming involved in due diligence."

Terry Scanlon, Managing Director
West Port Print and Design Ltd

"For us, what distinguishes them from many accountants is the pro-active approach they provide us with in terms of advising us how to manage our own business efficiently and also planning our growth, whilst minimising our tax liabilities"

Stuart MacDonald, Managing Director
Balmoral Asset Management Ltd

"Everyone at the firm has been sincere, willing and professional and I look forward to making the most of their expertise."

Drew Shedden, Managing Director
Cluny Clays Ltd

"When you step outside a corporate support mechanism and attempt to set up a business for yourself, I feel it is essential that you have quality professionals to guide you along the way. For that reason, we use them as an extension of our management team and have the accounts prepared every month."

Graham Portwood, Managing Director
CMP Alloys Ltd



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