On average, at EQ each year we will prepare and submit 3,500 tax returns on behalf of our clients. These will be a combination of returns for individuals, partnerships, limited companies and trusts.

Unusually, we do so without a dedicated tax return department. That means all our people have a working knowledge of tax, and our clients are able to obtain the necessary support from one consistent source. A source with a detailed knowledge and understanding of their financial affairs.

Some may argue this is not efficient for EQ. We don't agree, and indeed we feel we have better 'all round' accountants than other practices as a result.

More importantly, efficient or not, we believe it's what's best for our clients that matters. Their feedback and testimonials suggest we're getting it right.

Tax specialists

Although we don't departmentalise, we do specialise. A group of around eight of our most experienced people, have between them established an enviable reputation for innovation in solving tax problems. Their planning skills in all areas of taxation are exceptional, and this added-value approach is much in demand. For more details, go to our dedicated page on taxation - one of our three specialisms.

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