Business Formation

No matter how you start your business, we have the expertise to help.

You don't need to be a management buy-out, but you might be. The foundations of any new business are critical and we can help you with these building blocks.

How can we help you?  Here are some of the ways:-

Preparing a business plan

We don't just mean numbers, although we can help with financial projections as well. At EQ we like to understand the business, and we will question and interrogate your approach. We're not being difficult - we want to help you identify the threats and weaknesses, thus reducing the chance of failure.

Raising finance

We're experts as you might expect. We understand what types of finance may suit particular circumstances, and we know what funders are looking for.  In our experience, a good case presented badly may never progress. However, a mediocre idea can gain support with a bit of imagination.

Overdrafts, loans, grants, asset finance, or equity investment - we help you present your case.

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