This stage can signal the end of a client's involvement in a business activity, or can be a part disposal perhaps, which generates funds to expand core operations. No matter the motivation for disposal, this is a critical stage for any business - both commercially and from a taxation viewpoint. At EQCF, we provide the best advice across each of these disciplines.

Preparing for disposal

In our experience, this is a vital phase often overlooked by businesses.  We can guide you as to how to maximise the value obtained through a disposal, and how to structure a business in anticipation of sale.

Sourcing a purchaser

This can be difficult, particularly for smaller businesses. Through our extensive network of business and professional contacts we can help you find one or more parties interested in acquiring.

The sale

Our corporate finance team have extensive experience in deal negotiation and completion. In conjunction with colleagues within EQ Taxation the most tax effective commercial disposals are achieved, enabling our clients to maximise their return on investment.

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