Audit & reporting for charities

Category: Audit & ReportingCharities - Posted On: Apr 14 2021

As Chartered Accountants, audit, reporting and accounting forms a large part of our day-to-day activities. At EQ, we focus our attention on delivering significant value to clients through these services and not simply achieving compliance.

We pride ourselves on working together, where you see us as an extension of your charity, gaining your trust and tailoring our approach to ensure we understand you and your goals before conducting any audit. We will use the audit process as a platform to provide real advice, helping you to grow and develop your organisation.

With our experience in the charity sector and the knowledge we will gain about your operations, we offer pro-active support to our clients to attain optimum efficiency, maximise returns and achieve your charity’s ambitions, with constant, effective, and open communication.

Auditing clients’ financial statements provides us with full access to their accounting records, allowing us to make a thorough assessment of your organisation. As auditors, we are ideally positioned to comment on the appropriateness of a client’s accounting system and can make recommendations which assist in streamlining the accounting process and providing trustees, or directors, with accurate and timely management information relevant to their organisation. To date, we have provided this service to a number of our clients resulting in lower costs and more timely and useful information for management.

Charities of all shapes and sizes can fall victim to different kinds of internal fraud. Our audit tests are designed to detect any material frauds and we have experience of discovering cash defalcations which went unnoticed by management, thus stopping a drain on the organisation’s already strained funds.

As Registered Auditors authorised by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS), our quality standards are monitored on a regular basis. Through our association with Kreston International, we are members of the Forum of Firms; an international network of accounting firms whose goal is to promote consistent, high quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

If you would like to discuss our audit service, please get in touch with our Audit & Reporting team.

Alternatively, if you would like advice on any issues affecting your charity, please contact a member of our EQ Charities team via or contact one of our offices.