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Jul 12 2019

How park owners can improve their Business Property Relief qualifying status

Categories: Leisure

Business Property Relief (BPR) ensures, on death, that ownership of a business can pass through the estate of the deceased person, to the beneficiaries, without any inheritance tax (IHT) applying.  Securing status is an implicit acceptance that the business is trading too, thereby allowing owners to claim capital gains and other tax reliefs. Recent case more

Jul 9 2019

Why are engineering and manufacturing firms ‘missing out’ on the increased AIA?

Categories: Engineering & Manufacturing

The Autumn Budget announced the temporary increase in the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) limit, from £200,000 to £1million. This increase will remain until 31 December 2020, meaning businesses will have a two-year window to take advantage of this higher limit. The increase to the AIA will allow engineering and manufacturing businesses to obtain 100% tax more

Jul 2 2019

Diversification – don’t forget the tax!

Categories: Agriculture

Farming can be challenging, and often unpredictable, so more and more farmers have looked to diversify their business. Whether it is in the form of renting out land, converting farm cottages into holiday lets or investing in renewable energy equipment, it is important to consider the various tax implications of diversifying your farm business. VAT more

Jun 25 2019

Increase to charities’ small trading exemption limits

Categories: Charities

From 6 April 2019, HMRC increased the small trading tax exemption limits for 2019/20. The exemption allows charities, who have trading income not relating to their primary purpose, to still be exempt from paying tax, providing they meet the annual income criteria. The previous limits were: The new limits from 6 April 2019 are: These more

Jun 20 2019

How access to funding has increased the number of start-up Games Studios

Categories: Technology

TIGA recently carried out new research that shows the number of games studios has increased in the last year by 5.7%. Perhaps, as would be expected of the sector, the research also showed a large number of start-ups and closures. The Chief Executive of TIGA, Dr Richard Wilson, commented: “The rise in start-ups is due more

Jun 17 2019

How does the change to GP Pensions affect your retirement plans?

Categories: Healthcare

Earlier this year, The Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) announced that the current rate of employer pension contributions will increase from 14.9% to 20.9% with effect from 1 April 2019. GP practices in Scotland will receive the 6% refund for employer pension contributions on their monthly statements under ‘Other Payments’. Therefore, there should not be a more

Jun 13 2019

10 ways we can help clients in the construction sector

Categories: Property & Construction

Whether you have your own business, or are an independent contractor, the construction industry can expose you to various tax implications, as well as tax opportunities. Our EQ Property and Construction team have amassed expert knowledge, and valuable experience, from their construction clients and are on hand to help with a range of issues from more