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Jun 14 2022

The importance of budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management

Categories: Charities

The ability to plan effectively and make informed decisions has never been more crucial in these most challenging of times. For charities, this includes having effective budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management. Budgeting and forecasting Duties of the trustees include protecting the charity’s money, keeping accurate financial records, knowing your charity’s financial position and dealing more

Jun 10 2022

SIS Recovery & Resilience Fund 2022

Categories: CharitiesCOVID-19

To further support charities and social enterprises that have been impacted directly by the COVID-19 pandemic, SIS (Social Investment Scotland) has reopened the Recovery & Resilience Fund. The fund is designed to bolster reserves or help with recovery plans by offering a bespoke investment package that is intended to be as flexible as possible. To be more

May 17 2022

Time for a Spring Clean

Categories: Charities

At this time of year, many of us do our annual spring cleaning and its good practice for trustees of charities to do the same. Good governance demands clear, appropriate, and complete set of procedures and policies to ensure any organisation is well run and by ‘cleaning’ them, you will be in a better position more

Apr 13 2022

Charities still have to pay their taxes

Categories: CharitiesTaxation

Paying tax is often a shock to smaller charities – after all, their profits all go back into funding the good work they do! Nonetheless, charities are taxed on trading income the same as any other organisation unless planning arrangements are put in place. Of course, deciding what income comes from trading is a complex more

Mar 16 2022

The benefit of Gift Aid to the taxpayer

Categories: CharitiesTaxation

Much is made of the benefit of Gift Aid donations to charities, but many taxpayers are missing out on the benefits to them from making these donations. For example, for every 80p donated to charity under the Gift Aid scheme, the Government give 20p tax to the charity – the equivalent of basic rate tax more

Oct 21 2021

Protect your charitable business from online fraud

Categories: Charities

As charities increase their digital presence, and undertake more activity online, the risk of fraud and theft should be carefully considered, with sufficient controls put in place to help minimise the risks posed. With advances in technology developing at an ever-increasing rate, it can provide valuable efficiencies when used properly, however they also come with more

Oct 7 2021

Understanding the benefits of Gift Aid

Categories: Charities

Gift Aid is a Government scheme that allows charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that are registered with HMRC to claim an additional 25p for every £1 donated, at no additional cost to the donor, providing certain conditions are met. To qualify for Gift Aid, donations must be made from individuals who have paid the same amount or more more