Change to Entrepreneurs’ Relief – things just got BADR

Category: AgricultureCOVID-19 - Posted On: Jun 30 2020

With the country’s attention focused on COVID-19, the change to Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) announced in the budget on 11 March has gone largely unnoticed.

ER provided a reduced rate of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the sale of a business or interest in a business, with the normal rate of CGT being reduced from 20% to 10%, with a lifetime limit of £10m of gains per individual.

From 11 March 2020, the lifetime limit has been reduced to just £1m and the relief will now be known as Business Asset Disposal Relief (BADR).

ER was typically used by agricultural clients on retiral, and with the previous limit of £10m most were able to sell their farm and pay just 10% tax on the resultant capital gains.

The recent change will now result in all but the smallest farms being subject to 20% CGT on a proportion of the sales proceeds. On a 500 acre arable farm the extra tax could easily amount to £300k assuming a total capital gain of £4m.

The change of legislation highlights the importance of making full use of generous tax reliefs while they are available.

Those who are contemplating selling a farm soon would be advised to review their tax position to establish if any action can be taken to mitigate against this recent change in legislation.

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