Funding for Construction Businesses

Category: Property & Construction - Posted On: May 2 2017

A recent search of funding opportunities available to Construction companies in Scotland produced 100 possible options.

The Scottish Government’s website can search for potential funding options tailored to your business. The site is relatively easy to navigate and provides useful guidance.
Each funding option has three useful stages. Stage one called “Before you Start”, gives you a details of the scheme and notes any restrictions. The next stage is called “What you need to know” and breaks the scheme in to three parts, being Key Criteria, Match Funding and Eligible Expenditure so you know exactly how the fund works and finally Stage three, “How to apply”, if after the first two stages, you feel it’s worth applying for.

Steven Todd, head of EQ Property and Construction advises that many businesses are not aware of the various funding options available to them and could be missing out on thousands of pounds of support. At EQ, we keep in contact with both Government Agencies, such as Business Gateway and Financial Institutions, such as Banks, leasing and asset financiers and invoice financiers, so we are able to advise and support clients on the funding options available to them how to access them.

If you are looking for advice, support or further information, please contact Steven Todd via (01592 630055).