GP Surgeries – Locums costs placing pressure on tight budgets

Category: Healthcare - Posted On: Nov 20 2018

GP surgeries continually struggle to recruit new partners and salaried GPs as many GPs prefer to opt for locum work instead.

One of the main reasons cited for choosing locum work over working full-time for a GP practice, is the greater flexibility in both the scheduling of working hours and the actual number of hours worked. In addition, it can come with a higher hourly rate of pay without the additional stresses involved in being a partner.

Unfortunately, the higher costs of using locum GPs is putting even more pressure on already tight GP surgery budgets. Our co-produced GP Practices Benchmarking Report shows that GMS locum costs increased by 11.1% in 2017. With no imminent solution to the recruitment crisis, GP surgeries need to ensure they have up-to-date management accounts and forecasts to guarantee they have adequate funds available to cover the mounting locum costs.

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