Helping children have sum fun during Maths Week

Category: EQ News - Posted On: Oct 1 2021

Maths Week Scotland, that runs from 27 September to 3 October, aims to celebrate the importance of maths in our everyday lives and encourages schools to arrange activities and events that help boost the image and enjoyment of maths. We have supported St Andrew’s RC Primary School by contributing £250 towards their Maths Week, allowing them to host fun challenges and competitions the pupils can enjoy.

Principal Teacher, Laura Davidson said, “As part of Maths Week Scotland, we organised a variety of exciting activities to inspire our children and help them develop numeracy skills for learning life and work. We are grateful to have the support of EQ, their donation allowed us to purchase prizes and certificates for our children and they also provided a video on how they use maths in their jobs to help children see the link between maths and the world of work. Maths Week has been a great success for us, our children were engaged and had fun whilst learning.  We can now continue to build on this throughout the year.”

Doug Rae, Partner, added, “We are delighted to have sponsored St Andrew’s RC Primary School’s Maths Week. It’s great to be able to help raise the profile of maths, which is a key subject in many careers so it is vital that children can appreciate the importance and enjoy the challenge it brings from an early age. I graduated with an Honours Degree in Maths before becoming an accountant, so we hope that we can help to inspire the next generation of accountants and allow the pupils to see the enjoyment that can come from various maths related activities.”

You can learn more about Maths Week here –

Pictures are of the prize-winners for Home Learning, Maths in Art, Interhouse Challenge competitions and those that were awarded certificates for showing a Maths Mindset and those who won an online competition.