How can your food & drink businesses focus on sustainability?

Category: Food & Drink - Posted On: Nov 16 2021

We attended Brodie’s Food and Drink Virtual Conference today and it was interesting to hear the speakers, along with everyone else following COP26, discussing sustainability in food & drink businesses. While there were many issues highlighted, the main one to consider is what can you do to appeal to this additional part of the market.

There are large projects that you can consider, such as a full carbon emissions audit, carbon capture or building your own sustainable power source. However, if this is a little ambitious for you, it could just mean looking at your supplier chain and trying to move to some closer. Perhaps you can ask some questions of your produce supplier to ensure that locally grown produce isn’t sent to northern England to be processed or using a local printer servicer instead of a national provider to reduce the miles for your business.

Sustainability and environmental issues are increasingly important in this marketplace, especially to the western world. There are funding opportunities available to help businesses become more sustainable, like the Scottish Food and Drink Net Zero Challenge Fund. Funding awards of up to £10,000 are available for projects across the food and drink supply chain, with anticipated projects expected to cover a range of issues such including:

  • Food waste
  • Waste valorisation
  • Water usage
  • Sustainable ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Resource and energy efficiency

Although the environment doesn’t need to be the main selling point to your brand, doing nothing in this area means you may be going backwards. Investing in your business to tackle these issues are becoming ever more important so can you be in front of the curve and not be left behind.

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