Restructuring of local hotel and restaurant in Fife

Category: Corporate FinanceLeisure - Posted On: Jul 6 2018

Our Leisure specialists have recently assisted in the successful restructuring of a hotel/restaurant in the north of Fife.

The business operates through a limited company, and EQ were on hand to assist when one of its shareholders was looking to sell their stake in the business.

EQ facilitated a management buy out of the shares and were there to provide support, every step of the way.

We provided expert advice in valuing the business shares and participated in negotiations between the buyer and seller to reach an agreed price for the equity.

With our dedicated corporate tax team, we were also readily available to provide essential tax advice, including examining the capital gains tax implications in the disposal of the shares.

EQ streamlined the entire process by also taking on all the administrative duties. We completed all the necessary paperwork, including share transfer forms, tax returns, and companies house notifications, which, therefore, made the whole business restructuring process much simpler for the client.

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