Revenue Scotland to upgrade their online tax collection system

Category: Professions - Posted On: Jul 22 2019

This month, Revenue Scotland will be upgrading their online tax collection system, known as SETS (Scottish Electronic Tax System) which will affect the submission of Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) returns.

Revenue Scotland is seeking to make the change over to the new system as seamless as possible, with all of the data in the current system expected to automatically be transferred over to the new system.

The new system will have a different look and feel from the current SETS. The dashboard will change and it will give users a fuller overview of their account including new messages received, returns in draft and outstanding balances. Postcode validation and address lookup will improve the accuracy of returns and reduce the risk of error.

The new system is expected to go live at midday on Wednesday 24 July 2019.

If you submit LBTT returns, or would like more information about the upgrade, our EQ Professions team would encourage you to visit the Revenue Scotland’s website.