Supporting our client, Shelley Booth

Category: COVID-19Healthcare - Posted On: Jul 9 2021

At EQ, we have spent the past 16 months supporting our clients through turbulent times, but despite what has been going on, some of our clients have used this time to explore new opportunities to ensure their business not only survives, but flourishes through this pandemic.

Shelley Booth

One of these clients is Shelley Booth, who successfully ran Shelley Booth Fitness, a gym for women well-known as ‘Train Eat Sleep Repeat’.

Shelley became our client about 2 years ago and quickly developed a close relationship with Partner, Louise Grant.  A few months into the engagement, COVID-19 hit, which had devastating repercussions for the gym industry. However, Dundee entrepreneur Shelley grabbed the opportunity to diversify her business and created The Feel, Look, Be Formula.

The Feel, Look, Be Formula is an online programme where Shelley can work with clients on their overall mindset, health, and wellbeing from the comfort of their own homes.  Part of the formula is to educate her clients with daily live chats, live workouts, and meal plans.  The programme also provides a support network for everyone within the group.

Over the past year the business has expanded exponentially. Shelley has gone from running a Dundee based business to a global enterprise and can now help women on a world-wide scale.

Shelley commented, “Lockdown has been tough for everyone, especially women who were under additional pressure. I spoke with Louise regularly about what my options were to support my clients and safeguard my business. That’s when I decided to create The Feel, Look, Be Formula.  The feedback to date has been mind-blowing.

“Looking back over the past 18 months – 2 years, my business has gone from strength to strength, with the number of clients growing each month.  The support of Louise and the team at EQ has been exceptional as they have taken on the full finance function to allow me to concentrate on my core business.”

It is extremely important for entrepreneurs like Shelley to use their time wisely and outsource parts of their business to other professionals.  At EQ we deliver an outsourced finance function that allows Shelley to make informed decisions without getting involved with the day to day processing and reconciliations.

Louise added, “The pandemic has forced many of our clients, like Shelley, to think outside of the box and open themselves up to new ventures. With Shelley’s vision, we worked in tandem to make sure it was financially viable, and she was in the best position possible. Sharing this journey and watching her business grow has been inspiring – she has so much passion and determination and I look forward to working with her to ensure the continued success of her business. I’m not only Shelley’s accountant and business advisor, I’m also a client and can vouch for how good the formula is!”

Shelley continues to grow her business and has recently teamed up with Insights, another Dundee founded business – a fantastic Dundee collaboration, to help combat staff stress within their global organisation.

If you are interested in joining the programme, Shelley is now enrolling for August. You can find out more about Shelley and the Feel, Look, Be Formula here.

For more information on how we are supporting our clients, or how we can help you, please get in touch by emailing or calling one of our offices.