At EQ, we deal with a number of UK bound executives who are relocating to the UK and might trigger UK tax residence rules.  This also works in reverse for individuals leaving the UK.  Our team of experts, in conjunction with our Kreston International network, can ensure you have clarity in your tax position.

Relocating to the UK

At EQ, we commonly deal with individuals who are relocating to the UK either for business or personal reasons.  Some of those are former UK residents who are repatriating their affairs, whilst others may be coming to the UK on a short or fixed term contract.   We match high quality UK taxation advice with links to overseas advisers, via our Kreston network, to ensure all clients receive guidance based on joined up thinking.  Our services cover the income tax implications of relocation up to high level capital gains and inheritance tax advice.

Leaving the UK

People leave the UK for a variety of reasons, either temporarily or on a more permanent basis.  Our tax team will provide the local advice surrounding the UK tax implications and then liaise with the advisers in the country of destination to ensure no stone is left unturned.  Our membership of the Kreston network provides a valuable link for our clients seeking to understand the implications of moving abroad.

As governments worldwide seek to tackle the issues of where to tax profits, particularly for those businesses where profits are made “in the Cloud”, many rules now exist to stop profits being shifted to low taxation environments. Many businesses have global operations and, via the Kreston network, we are able to advise foreign owned businesses with operations in the UK but also UK businesses with non UK interests. We advise on base erosion and profit sharing (BEPS), transfer pricing and international tax planning to ensure our clients get the best advice from an international perspective.

We are happy to offer assistance in any taxation matter, so give one of our taxation experts a call for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

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