The impact of technology on training in the construction industry

Category: Property & Construction - Posted On: Apr 30 2018

Some of the biggest challenges for the construction industry include improving the skillset of those working in the industry and keeping pace with modernisation.

One of the areas that has been impacted by modernisation, through technological advancement, is equipment and safety training. Previously for training on plant equipment there was more one-to-one training and small group training due to health and safety restrictions in using the equipment itself. Now larger groups can undertake training using virtual reality simulators led by one trainer, following on to complete the required test on the equipment.

The EQ Construction team spoke to training providers during their recent visit to ScotPlant 2018, held at Ingliston in Edinburgh, and discussed the use of virtual reality in construction equipment training. The training providers commented that the testing itself is still carried out on the equipment, but the virtual reality is so close to the ‘real thing’ that the first time pass rate when moving onto the equipment is very high.

In the use of virtual reality for safety training, it is hoped that the use of virtual reality will give workers a visual and practical understanding of the issues involved and how to effectively mitigate risk. Using virtual reality rather than providing guidance leaflets is arguably a more stimulating learning environment.

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