The trend for low and non-alcohol sales is set to rise

Category: Leisure - Posted On: Feb 7 2019

Licensees across Scotland have seen sales of low and non-alcohol significantly increase, particularly with consumers aged 18 to 25. Those working within the industry believe that the changes are due to the lowering of the drink drive limits together with an increased awareness of health benefits and a more responsible drinking culture.

It is estimated that low and non-alcohol drinks were worth around £2.7 million to the Scottish trade in 2018, and it is expected that the trend will continue into 2019. This may be a great opportunity for those in the industry to increase sales and profitability. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the ‘Lo and No’ brands and businesses who regularly review their drinks range to incorporate their customers needs, will profit.

David Morrison, Food and Drink Partner, commented, “Change is inevitable for all businesses and it will be important for drink producers to offer consumers the range of new products that they demand. The sector contains high quality players and I’ve no doubt they’ll rise to the challenge”

Producers creating a low alcohol, non-alcohol or a low-calorie beverage will aim to create the same premium quality and flavours as the alcohol equivalents. This could involve significant resources and valuable time. For those developing a new product, and trading as a Limited company, it may qualify for Research and Development (R&D) tax credits, a government incentive to encourage innovation in their field.

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