Xero package price freeze for our clients

Category: Cloud AccountingEQ Accounting - Posted On: Nov 4 2021

From 23 September 2021, Xero increased the price of their monthly subscription plans. The Starter and Standard business subscriptions for new and existing UK customers increased by £2 per month, whilst the Premium subscription increased by £3 per month.

If you hold your own subscription, you will automatically see this increase in your regular billing. However, as Xero Platinum Partners, we are able to offer these packages to our clients at a lower rate and will continue with our pricing policy until March 2022.

The Xero package prices are as follows:

Xero PackagePrice from August 2019Price from Sept 2021Price for our clients
Standard£10 (+VAT)£12 (+VAT)£10 (+VAT)
Starter£24 (+VAT)£26 (+VAT)£22 (+VAT)
Premium£30 (+VAT)£33 (+VAT)£27 (+VAT)

Xero Accredited EQ Accounting Manager, Scott Kennedy, commented,

“Since their last price increase in 2019, Xero have continued to develop their product and offer additional updates that improve the user experience. While we understand their need to increase prices, we are committed to supporting our clients who are already seeing prices increase for many of their regular costs. This is why we have decided to hold our subscription charges for the period to March 2022.”

If you would like to discuss any aspect of Xero in more detail, please get in touch with our EQ Accounting team using the details below.

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