Angela Simpson

BA (Hons) CA


  • Degree
  • Accountancy and Finance at the University of Dundee
  • Location
  • Forfar

Making the move from a job that you’ve worked at for a long time isn’t as daunting as it seems. Everyone at EQ is more than happy to help you settle in and answer any questions you may have.

Why did you make the move to EQ? What were you looking for?

After having my daughter, I was looking to move back home to Forfar. Having grown up in Forfar, I was very aware of EQ and the good reputation that it had. I was looking for a job that would challenge me and cater for part-time working hours. EQ has given me both!

What were your apprehensions in moving to EQ?  How have these been overcome?

Having been at the same practice for 7 years and qualifying there, I was worried I would be set in my ways. Although there are similarities between the two, there was a big learning curve to get into the EQ way of working, which can only be expected. My colleagues have been only too happy to help me along the way.

How different do you think EQ is (to the practice you were in previously)? 

The accounts and tax packages are different to what I was used to. I’m not the greatest with IT so that was something to get my head around although I was provided with plenty guidance and training therefore, it didn’t take too long to pick it up. Staff are given a lot of responsibility quite early on in their career at EQ, it’s a good way to work as it makes you more accountable. Clients use a wider range of bookkeeping software which I hadn’t used before such as Farmplan, Farmdata and Xero.

How do our working practices differ to the firm you were part of before?

I like how there is a ‘Best Practice’ manual for each area. It ensures that work is prepared consistently throughout the four offices. In my previous job, we had separate departments for audit and accounts, tax and business advisory. At EQ there are no separate departments and everyone does a mixture of work.

What are you involved in at EQ that you weren’t involved in before? i.e. work other than compliance

The whole ‘Company Secretarial’ side. I wasn’t used to preparing dividend paperwork, submitting confirmation statements and submitting accounts and tax returns. That has been an interesting side, being able to see a job quite literally from start to finish. Billing – I hadn’t been involved in the billing side of things in my previous job. It’s very insightful and increases your awareness of time spent on a job as well as sticking to budgets where possible.

What opportunities have been available to you since you joined EQ?

Building relationships with clients.  I have benefited from having a set controller list, as this allows you to become more familiar with your clients. Having not done much tax work since qualifying, EQ provided me with tax training in order to refresh my basic tax knowledge and use this as a starting point to develop my expertise over time.

Can you tell us a little about the relationships you have established with your clients since you joined? 

Being a point of contact for clients on your controller list gives you the opportunity to get to know them better. Having the BBQ in the summer also allows you to talk to clients in a less formal setting. I have a couple of clients where visits to their premises are required, I enjoy this aspect as it allows you to become more familiar with their working environment.

What three things would you say to someone interested in making a move to EQ?

  1. Be open to changing how you used to work, embrace change.
  2. Making the move from a job that you’ve worked at for a long time isn’t as daunting as it seems. Everyone at EQ is more than happy to help you settle in and answer any questions you may have.
  3. The skills you already have will be transferable between firms.