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Jun 20 2018

Are you paying staff the correct amount for their overtime?

Categories: Professions

Professional services often have busy times during the year, be it a filing deadline or a change in legislation or regulations. The whole team is working hard and working extra hours (often unpaid overtime), but at times like these, do companies check that their staff pay is compliant with the national living and minimum wages? more

Jun 14 2018

Legal benchmarking report 2018

Categories: Professions

This year’s Natwest Legal Benchmarking report is the sixth annual survey of mid-size firms in the legal sector, consolidating the financial performance of 190 legal firms that collectively employ 11,100 people. Scottish legal firms in the report represent 30% of the firms surveyed. Read the report, via Natwest-Legal-Benchmarking-Report-2018. The highlights from the report are: – more

Jun 5 2018

Our courageous staff prepare for sky dive in aid of Maggie’s Centres

Categories: EQ News

Four of our very courageous staff members at EQ are preparing to face their fears by jumping out of a plane for charity. The thrill-seeking team from our Dundee office are tentatively counting down to their sponsored sky dive at Fife Airport in Glenrothes, which will see them exiting the aircraft from around 10,000 feet more

Jun 4 2018

Rates relief for children’s nurseries

Categories: Healthcare

If you run a children’s nursery are you remembering that as of 1 April 2018 you should no longer be paying rates on any property used mainly as a nursery school? These rules are in effect until 31 March 2021. You must formally apply to the local authority to obtain this relief. We at EQ, more

Jun 1 2018

Dundee professor receives funding for food review

Categories: Technology

A professor at Dundee University is to receive funding to carry out research into crop-killing diseases. Diseases cause approximately 40% of overall crop losses worldwide. Professor Paul Birch who heads up the plant sciences department will receive almost €2.5 million from the European Research Council for his work over the next 5 years. It is more

May 29 2018

Employment status update for dental professionals

Categories: Healthcare

You may have read our article, titled, ‘Know your employment status’ in August 2017. In summary we discussed the updated rules under IR35 that were introduced from April 2017 and how the changes could impact on dental professionals. These rules are aimed at individuals and/or their limited company taking up work for a public sector, more

May 28 2018

Budgets and childcare

Categories: Healthcare

With the increase in free early learning and childcare hours which comes into effect in 2020, children’s nurseries need to take action now to be prepared. Additional staff may be required, all having to carry out continuous training and, if all private nursery staff are to be paid the Scottish Living Wage, nurseries should review more

May 25 2018

TechNation report says Dundee worth over £200m to economy

Categories: Technology

The annual TechNation report recently published stated that the Dundee technology sector was worth over £200 million to the Economy and supported over 2,500 jobs in 2017. The support of both Abertay and Dundee universities were highlighted as the greatest strength of the local sector. The biggest challenge was considered to be the recruitment of more