Gary Dempster

BA (Hons) CA


  • Degree
  • Finance and Business at Abertay University
  • Location
  • Dundee

I feel comfortable knowing that with EQ’s support and resources, I can provide an excellent service to all my clients.

Why did you make the move to EQ? What were you looking for?

I was looking for a firm which could nourish both my personal and professional development further, while also providing challenging and enjoyable opportunities to get involved in. After doing my research, and during the interview process, I felt EQ could provide this in abundance and that they also placed a great deal of importance on staff wellbeing and happiness. I felt the opportunity to join EQ was one that I couldn’t miss, and I am delighted that I was able to become a part of the team.

What were your apprehensions in moving to EQ? How have these been overcome?

Having been part of a really good small team at my previous employer, I was a tad apprehensive of moving to a much bigger firm, especially during the COVID pandemic when everything was being done remotely. However, everyone at EQ couldn’t have been more supportive and made me feel like an important part of the team straight away. I have already developed some great working and personal relationships with my colleagues. I was also slightly apprehensive about the systems and processes which EQ used, as I knew they were slightly different to my previous job, which I had been doing for the previous 5 and a half years. However again, everyone was really supportive and willing to spend time talking me through the new systems and working practices.

How different do you think EQ is (to the practice you were in previously)?

A lot different! EQ are able to provide opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and they provide a support network and platform which allows you to take control of your own work load and client relationships.

How do our working practices differ to the firm you were part of before?

EQ has a more structured engagement process and I enjoy the 3-tiered client relationship approach. You feel involved in all aspects of the client’s business, rather than just coming in at the end to prepare the annual accounts. It really helps to build close working relationships and allows you to provide the relevant services to them. This approach also helps to provide support, as you know someone more experienced is always available to assist with anything you are not sure of.

What are you involved in at EQ that you weren’t involved in before?

So far I have been involved primarily in compliance work, however with EQ placing an emphasis on providing clients with advisory based work, my work load will traverse to this style of work once I have built up the necessary relationships with my clients. Being responsible for all aspects of the client engagement, such as billing clients, isn’t something that I had previous experience of, and doing that now at EQ has helped me to appreciate other areas of the business which I didn’t think too much about before.

What opportunities have been available to you since you joined EQ?

From day one I have had opportunities to begin developing my client relationships and have been given the encouragement to engage with them on a regular basis. I was provided with a client portfolio very early on and I have enjoyed the responsibility that this bestows on me. I have been provided with plenty of feedback and advice and have also had numerous training opportunities to assist with my personal and professional growth.

Can you tell us a little about the relationships you have established with your clients since you joined?

EQ encourage everyone to spend time with their clients on a regular basis. Due to the pandemic, this has been mainly on a remote basis through Microsoft Teams for now, however I have started to build up some quality working relationships with the clients I have been in contact with so far. I feel comfortable knowing that with EQ’s support and resources, I can provide excellent service to all my clients.

What three things you would say to someone interested in making a move to EQ?

  • You won’t find a more supportive and encouraging working environment/team
  • You will have ample exciting opportunities
  • You won’t regret it!