Nicola Jackson

BA (Hons)


  • Degree
  • Accountancy and Management at Aberdeen University
  • Location
  • Forfar

EQ has a unique engagement team structure for each client meaning you get the opportunity to work with everyone in the office and makes you feel like part of the team very quickly.


Why did you make the move to EQ? What were you looking for?

Coming from an agricultural background I knew that the Forfar office was largely agricultural based and had a great reputation. Moving to Forfar also cut my travelling time to work by 2 hours per day, even though I’ve almost worked as much at home as I have in the office.

What were your apprehensions in moving to EQ? How have these been overcome?

It’s always nerve-racking moving to a new job, but I was quite lucky as my sister worked at EQ and told me many positive things before I started. I was worried that being qualified, you would be expected to get on with it but when I joined, I was assigned a mentor who helped guide me through the systems and processes. Everyone is friendly and willing to answer any questions at any time which helps you to find your feet.

How different do you think EQ is (to the practice you were in previously)?

EQ has a unique engagement team structure for each client meaning you get the opportunity to work with everyone in the office. It gives you the chance to get to know everyone and makes you feel like part of the team very quickly. Everyone has their own quirks,  and by getting the opportunity to work with everyone you can pick up on these which helps you to develop your own skills.

I was given a client list when I started, which has grown since. I get very involved with the client doing both their accounts and tax work, which allows me to build a relationship with them.

What are you involved in at EQ that you weren’t involved in before?

Being able to get involved in billing and tax planning for clients is something which was new to me when I moved to EQ. It gives you an opportunity to learn new skills and also gain a better understanding of each client’s business.

What opportunities have been available to you since you joined EQ?

Despite the various COVID restrictions in place for a large portion of my time at EQ, I have had the opportunity to go to farm monitor meetings and spring show which was a great way to meet clients and increase industry knowledge which can be passed on. We are encouraged to meet our clients and it makes it easier to pick up the phone when you know who your speaking to at the other end.

Can you tell us a little about the relationships you have established with your clients since you joined?

I’ve been able to establish great relationships with my clients because I get to be involved in all aspects of the service we provide for them which gives you a full picture of their business. A lot of my clients are from the agriculture sector and with my background, I’m able to have meaningful conversations with them about things that may affect their farm which they appreciate.

What three things would you say to someone interested in making a move to EQ?

1. Every day is different. As you are assigned your own client list, you never know what you will be doing later in the day depending on client requests.
2. EQ organise a lot of social events and it’s amazing how a 4 o’clock finish on a Friday makes your weekend feel so much longer.
3. Go for it! You get to work in an enjoyable environment and get rewarded for it. I have never looked back since I moved to EQ.

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