Scott Greig

BAcc (Hons) CA


  • Degree
  • Accountancy and Finance with Management Information Systems at the University of Dundee
  • Location
  • Dundee

I was successful with my application to join EQ and was offered a place within their Forfar office. Almost straight away I was provided with a variety of jobs that allowed me to use my university knowledge but was tailored, providing a value added service to the Firm’s clients.

Why did you choose a career in Accountancy?
I really enjoyed Maths and Accountancy at high school and it seemed like a solid career path that would open a lot of doors in later life.

Why did you choose to apply to EQ Accountants to complete your professional qualification?
Some of the Partners came to my University to give a talk and I liked what I heard. EQ also attended the career fairs and events so I had the opportunity to speak to some of the staff and past trainees to find out more about their experiences and what it’s like to work at EQ. I really liked the way EQ structured their training program and the fact they don’t departmentalise so you aren’t pigeon holed into one specific area. Their local presence was also a benefit but I knew they had clients further afield.

What is a day in the life of a CA Trainee like?
‘Every day is a school day’ as they say. Whilst a good amount of time is spent on annual compliance work (accounts, tax returns etc.) there are always opportunities to develop other skills and learn more about our different clients, their businesses and varied needs. Often Managers and Partners would ask trainees to get involved in project specific work which was always exciting and provided new opportunities. Most days included on the job training and mentoring from fellow CAs.

What did you enjoy most about being a CA Trainee at EQ?
The wide exposure to a variety of different work and engaging at an early stage directly with clients. I was given a portfolio of clients quite early in my career and this helped me build strong client relationships – and I still deal with a lot of those clients 9 years later! The level of support offered by the Firm during training is second to none and certainly helped me in securing my professional qualification.

What did you find the most surprising during your training with EQ?
The variety of backgrounds other trainees came from. I initially had a more isolated view on how you became qualified but quickly learned about the many ways you can approach the qualification.

What 3 qualities do you think a CA Trainee needs to have if they are to be successful?
Determination, commitment and an eye for detail.

Do you have any advice for those interested in applying for our graduate training vacancies this year?
Take a step back and have a think about what you actually want to do after University, focusing on any particular areas of study you enjoy and would like to take forward. Assess all your options and attend as many careers events as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is true what they say, there is no such thing as a stupid question.