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Oct 25 2019

State Pension – to claim or not to claim?

Categories: Agriculture

The average age of a UK farmer is now 59 and with changes to the State Pension regime, it may be time to consider how these may affect you. The full basic state pension is currently worth £8,767.20 a year and you can check when you are entitled to claim using the H M Revenue more

Sep 11 2019

Is your farm a hobby?

Categories: Agriculture

Golf, gardening and cake decoration are all popular hobbies and rightly so. In some circumstances HM Revenue & Customs can also regard farming as a ‘hobby’. The designation is not determined by scale but by whether a farming business makes a taxable profit before claims for capital allowances. If there are five consecutive years with more

Jul 26 2019

Basic Payment Early Loan Scheme

Categories: Agriculture

The Scottish Government has announced that they will again be offering an early Basic Payment loan scheme to eligible farmers. A loan of up to 95%, a 5% increase on the previous year, will be paid from early October. Farmers should expect to see the loan paperwork in the post from early September and they more

Jul 2 2019

Diversification – don’t forget the tax!

Categories: Agriculture

Farming can be challenging, and often unpredictable, so more and more farmers have looked to diversify their business. Whether it is in the form of renting out land, converting farm cottages into holiday lets or investing in renewable energy equipment, it is important to consider the various tax implications of diversifying your farm business. VAT more

May 6 2019

Working with Melrose Farms

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The agriculture sector can be one of the most lucrative industries but also one of the most unpredictable and one which requires huge financial investments. For that reason, farming, especially family businesses, benefit from tailored business support, particularly when looking at diversifying into other projects to compliment traditional farming practices. A prime example is Melrose more

Apr 16 2019

Dealing with the Pressure of Commodity Margins

Categories: Agriculture

It is a well-known fact that commodities have not kept up with inflation. With the price of a tonne of wheat at around £120 in 1995, this would equate to £225 a tonne in real terms today. Based on this year’s harvest wheat prices, farmers are achieving around £75 less per tonne than they might more

Feb 22 2019

A record attendance at the sixteenth annual Farming Scotland Conference

Categories: Agriculture

‘A Changing Climate’ was the theme for the sixteenth annual Farming Scotland Conference where a record number of delegates heard how agriculture policy, weather patterns and business practices are likely to change and adapt over the coming years. Leading agriculture policy adviser and Secretary of the CAAV Jeremy Moody began proceedings with an incisive talk more