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May 24 2022

Land Diversification

Categories: Agriculture

With continuing farm subsidy uncertainties and rising input costs, farmers are now assessing the viability of land diversification and in particular the use of trees and woodland within their boundaries. Timber production can be a valuable source of income and it can also help reduce costs and provide a more certain and structured revenue stream more

May 13 2022

The Food Processing, Marketing and Cooperation Grant Scheme

Categories: AgricultureFood & Drink

The next round of the annual Food Processing, Marketing and Cooperation Grant Scheme (FPMC) is now open for applications. As one of a number of funding schemes which make up the Scottish Rural Development Programme, the FPMC provides £10.2 million of grant funding to businesses (or groups of businesses) within the Scottish food & drink sector more

Apr 29 2022

Welcome return to on-site agricultural events!

Categories: Agriculture

With the return of many on-site agricultural events, our EQ Agriculture team are all looking forward to the busy year ahead. As well as meeting clients on farm to deal with their service requirements, we will be out and about supporting various sector events over the course of the year. If you are going to any more

Mar 4 2022

Sustainable and regenerative farming – next steps

Categories: Agriculture

In a recent statement, the Scottish Government has laid out its plans to support farming and food production in Scotland to become “a global leader in sustainable and regenerative agriculture”. The statement outlines a new framework which will underpin Scotland’s future agriculture support regime from 2025 onwards, including positive steps towards supporting a nature-friendly farming and “enhanced conditionality more

Jan 26 2022

Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS) fund restored to £65m

Categories: Agriculture

On 9 December 2021, the Scottish Government confirmed in its Scottish Budget for 2022/23 that the Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS) 2021 would be restored to 100% of its funding and will be guaranteed to 2024. This returns the scheme’s budget to £65m, an amount last seen in 2018, and will give a much-needed income more

Jan 19 2022

Consider the timing of your machinery purchases

Categories: Agriculture

A routine review of tax planning opportunities for farmers will include a review of cashflow and the timing of planned machinery purchases. The capital allowances which are available on those machinery purchases may be significant and therefore valuable to the business, depending on the type of entity the business is and the rate at which more

Oct 19 2021

Single Application Form appeal

Categories: Agriculture

The Scottish Government is now in the process of writing to farmers and crofters who experienced reductions and/or penalties to their Pillar 1 payments in 2015. The letter or email will explain why reductions or exclusions were made to their claims for the Basic Payment Scheme, Greening, Young Farmers or Less Favoured Area Support Scheme more

Aug 25 2021

National Basic Payment Support Scheme 2021

Categories: AgricultureCOVID-19

To support agricultural businesses that have been impacted by the effects of COVID-19 and Brexit, and help maintain vital cash flow within the rural economy, the Scottish Government have launched the 2021 National Basic Payment Support Scheme (NBPSS21) loan scheme. The loan offer letters will be sent to eligible farmers and crofters from the middle more