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Mar 27 2024

Future tax changes affecting GPs 

Categories: HealthcareTaxation

In the age of tighter margin, Scottish GP practices should make sure they are reviewing the partner current accounts regularly and project into the future to ensure they remain positive. This will be even more crucial with the basis period changes for tax as well as the normal retirement and changes in partners.   Going forward, more

Mar 27 2024

A short-term win for GP parents 

Categories: HealthcareTaxation

Where many GP’s income is above £60,000 and they therefore have not claimed child benefit or stopped payments, it may be time to re-start them.  The chancellor announced in his budget recently that the threshold will increase to £60,000 for any claw back and the tapering will increase to £80,000. This means that as long more

Jan 31 2024

Christie & Co’s Business Outlook 2024

Categories: Healthcare

Specialist business property adviser, Christie & Co, has released its Business Outlook 2024 report, an annual report that looks at the year ahead and gives an overview of the previous year for a number of sectors, including healthcare. Head of EQ Healthcare, Louise Grant, commented; “The Business Outlook report gives an encouraging overview for the more

Dec 15 2023

Are dentists paying the correct amount of tax?

Categories: Healthcare

The deadline for filing your Self Assessment tax return, 31 January 2024, is fast approaching. If you file late, even by 1 day, you will be charged penalties, with interest also charged if your payment is late. We always advise that returns are prepared as early as possible to allow for planning of tax liabilities, more

Nov 9 2023

How we support our clients, Morgan Patterson Group

Categories: EQ NewsHealthcarePeople

Buying their own dental practice is the ultimate career goal for many dental professionals, with some aspiring to run multiple practices. Whether it’s setting up squat practices, buying into an existing practice or acquiring practices outright, it’s important to have an accountant who can help to navigate the complexities and ensure you are making the more

Jun 28 2023

Time to outsource your dental practice’s bookkeeping?

Categories: BookkeepingHealthcare

Are you spending your evenings and weekends struggling with your accounting records? Is maintaining your books part of your practice managers never-ending to do list? If so, it may be time to outsource your bookkeeping. Whether you, or a member of your team, are maintaining your books, your time could be better served focusing on more

May 16 2023

Making your children’s nursery more attractive to your staff

Categories: HealthcarePayroll

With children’s nursery providers struggling with rising costs, the added pressures on recruiting and retaining costs can be overwhelming. While the Scottish Government aims to review the impact of the disparity of ELC funding on the workforce, there are things providers can do internally to improve their cashflow. Actively holding on to your key staff more

Mar 22 2023

Associate dentists – are you self-employed or employed?

Categories: Healthcare

Previous HMRC guidance which automatically treated associate dentists as self-employed will be removed from 6 April 2023. After this date, associates will be assessed using the ordinary tests of employment to determine employment status. If you are classed as an employee by HMRC, you and your employer will be required to pay PAYE and Class more