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Jul 12 2019

How park owners can improve their Business Property Relief qualifying status

Categories: Leisure

Business Property Relief (BPR) ensures, on death, that ownership of a business can pass through the estate of the deceased person, to the beneficiaries, without any inheritance tax (IHT) applying.  Securing status is an implicit acceptance that the business is trading too, thereby allowing owners to claim capital gains and other tax reliefs. Recent case more

May 30 2019

Environmental Initiatives set to impact Hospitality Industry Margins?

Categories: Food & DrinkLeisure

In February 2019, The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) launched its consultation on the bottle deposit scheme adopted from successful schemes in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden. The scheme aims to cut plastic bottle and can pollution by introducing a deposit return scheme (DRS) with packaging manufacturers paying the more

May 16 2019

Amended VAT Rules Affecting the Hospitality Industry

Categories: Leisure

HMRC amended the rules of how to treat VAT on deposits and retained payments where a service is not used, or goods have not been collected. This impacts on the ‘no-shows’ in the hospitality sector, when you have taken a deposit which is non-refundable, but your customer does not show up or cancels their booking. more

May 1 2019

Supporting ‘Agritourism’ and rural businesses across Scotland

Categories: Food & DrinkLeisure

Our privileged position as tax advisors and accountants to many rural businesses throughout Scotland’s wonderful landscape has allowed us to be involved in advising clients on a range of leisure sector projects, often diversification enterprises from the main rural business. These projects have included tourism accommodation, shops and cafes, and events venues. As Scotland’s tourism more

Mar 29 2019

EQ Expand Food & Drink Reach

Categories: Food & Drink

EQ has a long tradition of supplying advisory services to the food and drink sector in Scotland and we view this as a key sector for the Scottish economy in future, with exports at an all-time high. Our expertise in agriculture positions the firm at the start of the food chain but over the past more

Feb 20 2019

Pitching the Value of the Scottish Holiday Park & Campsite Sector

Categories: Leisure

A major report on the economic value of holiday parks to the national UK economy has been published by the UK Caravan & Camping Alliance, which includes the British Homes & Holiday Parks Association (BH&HPA). In short it confirms that the Scottish holiday park and campsite sector punches above its weight with a higher length of stay more

Feb 7 2019

The trend for low and non-alcohol sales is set to rise

Categories: Leisure

Licensees across Scotland have seen sales of low and non-alcohol significantly increase, particularly with consumers aged 18 to 25. Those working within the industry believe that the changes are due to the lowering of the drink drive limits together with an increased awareness of health benefits and a more responsible drinking culture. It is estimated more