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Sep 15 2023

How we’ve been supporting our clients, Arbuckle’s Farm and Shop

Categories: Food & DrinkLeisure

Family businesses comes in all shapes and sizes, and being able to diversify can mean the difference between success and failure, especially for those in the food and drink sector. One of those clients is P A Arbuckle & Sons, who are a family farming business that have been involved in farming for multiple generations. They specialise more

Feb 10 2023

Have your say in the restriction of alcohol advertising and promotion consultation

Categories: Food & Drink

In November 2022, the Scottish Government launched its consultation paper seeking views on potential restrictions to alcohol advertising and promotion in Scotland. The paper covers a wide range of potential restrictions on all of the major sources of exposure to alcohol advertising and promotion in Scotland, including advertising outdoors, in-store, and through sports and events more

Oct 26 2022

Net Zero Transition Fund

Categories: Food & Drink

In the current climate, businesses have been looking at new ways to reduce their carbon emissions but introducing new equipment or processes can be costly. Businesses in the food & drink and tourism sectors especially are still feeling the financial pressures from the past few years. To offer financial support to these sectors, Invest Fife more

May 13 2022

The Food Processing, Marketing and Cooperation Grant Scheme

Categories: AgricultureFood & Drink

The next round of the annual Food Processing, Marketing and Cooperation Grant Scheme (FPMC) is now open for applications. As one of a number of funding schemes which make up the Scottish Rural Development Programme, the FPMC provides £10.2 million of grant funding to businesses (or groups of businesses) within the Scottish food & drink sector more

Nov 16 2021

How can your food & drink businesses focus on sustainability?

Categories: Food & Drink

We attended Brodie’s Food and Drink Virtual Conference today and it was interesting to hear the speakers, along with everyone else following COP26, discussing sustainability in food & drink businesses. While there were many issues highlighted, the main one to consider is what can you do to appeal to this additional part of the market. more

Jul 2 2021

Is now the time to refinance?

Categories: Food & DrinkLeisure

The Bank of England base rate is at a historic low of 0.1% making debt as cheap as it has ever been, so the time might be right to review existing debt facilities. With lockdown restrictions continuing to ease, cash will be required to help get businesses back to pre-covid levels and therefore an opportunity more