How we’ve been supporting our clients, Arbuckle’s Farm and Shop

Category: Food & DrinkLeisure - Posted On: Sep 15 2023

L-R: Michal Lupina (Partner at P A Arbuckle & Sons) and Scott Greig (Partner at EQ).

Family businesses comes in all shapes and sizes, and being able to diversify can mean the difference between success and failure, especially for those in the food and drink sector.

One of those clients is P A Arbuckle & Sons, who are a family farming business that have been involved in farming for multiple generations. They specialise in soft fruit but also grow combinable crops and over the past 70 years have been involved in cattle, pigs and poultry.

The Arbuckle family have been clients of EQ for over 20 years, and have worked together with Partner, Scott Greig, for 14 years. Brothers Peter and John along with their sons, Stewart and Michael, took the decision to separate the original business in 2020 to allow each branch of the family to pursue their own ambitions and focus on their chosen sectors.

Inside the Arbuckle’s Farm Shop

Both families worked with Scott and the entire EQ team to ensure each of the businesses had the required funding to progress and our Taxperts were on hand to minimise the overall tax cost. The businesses were separated in 2020, which allowed Arbuckle Poultry to be a standalone free-range egg business and P A Arbuckle & Sons to focus on soft fruit production and taking this aspect of the business to the next level.

The Partnership expanded in 2021 with adding as a Partner. Michal was a long-standing employee, having worked on the farm for over 20 years and was key to the continuation of the fruit enterprise. Michal, together with his brother Pawel, have been instrumental in developing the local farm shop at Star Inn Farm, Dundee into a retail destination.

Michal commented;

Having worked alongside the Arbuckle’s for over 23 years, and with the families support we have been able to build on the success of the business with the farm shop, offering variety of products available along with other attractions for families. We are also passionate about sustainability and our innovative freeze-drying technology allows our customers to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh fruit even when they are out of season. Scott and the entire EQ team are always on hand to help with options on how we can further diversify our income streams.

The business was central to the introduction of a new “super berry” in Scotland, the Honeyberry, and are actively working with the Scottish Honeyberry Co-operative to establish a market for the berry and create new and exciting products. Some examples already available to purchase in the shop include Honeyberry jam, chocolate covered berries and smoothies.

Scott added;

P A Arbuckle & Sons was one of my first clients when I joined EQ, from being a Junior to now Partner. It is a privilege to work alongside them, developing a rounded knowledge of their business, their longer term objectives and utilising that knowledge to help them realise their goals. I know their values and work ethic, making it easier for me to advise and support them. Since Michal and Pawel focused on the farm shop it has come on leaps and bounds despite the soft fruit market facing many challenges from increased costs and static wholesale prices. It’s great to see them expand their own range and offerings in their shop and online.

P A Arbuckle & Sons is at heart a family business but has recognised that in order to continue to develop it has needed the to bring in non-family members to complement and enhance the existing skillset. With the younger generation often looking to pursue non farming careers, there is perhaps a wider lesson for the farming sector here.

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