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    Our track record of supporting clients to unlock the potential of R&D tax credits is second to none.

    Over £16 Million In Research & Development Tax Credits achieved for our clients to date

R&D Tax Credits

Our team of experts have secured millions of pounds of tax repayments for our corporate clients through a proactive approach in identifying and completing relevant claims.  We will assess your eligibility and then prepare a claim for you, if relevant.  Your involvement need not take more than three or four hours and the benefits can be huge.

To date, we have saved over £16 million for our clients, many of whom didn’t realise they were eligible to apply. The example below is based on a real claim submitted by EQ Taxation using the SME scheme for R&D claims.

EQ act for a company involved in creating IT applications in the banking and retail sectors.  The EQ team identified the opportunity in conjunction with the financial director and prepared claims for a two year period, resulting in the client securing a tax repayment of over £120,000.  This vital cash injection allowed the company to recruit two further designers which in turn enabled them to bring their product to market.

R&D tax credits create a valuable cash flow injection for eligible companies.  They then have the enviable problem of how to reinvest it for the benefit of the company.

We have a 100% track record of success, every claim submitted having benefited the claimant company. To find out if you are entitled to save thousands of pounds annually, contact our taxation experts for an initial discussion and we will give you an honest assessment of your potential to claim R&D tax credits, at our cost.

Recruitment and retention of key staff is a crucial issue for most businesses.  Our tax specialists will work with you to produce incentives for retaining and rewarding key staff, including use of share schemes and tax efficient remuneration, amongst other areas.

Acquisition & Disposal

Taxation issues are key in any transaction involving acquisition, disposal or other restructuring.  Our team of tax specialists have years of experience in dealing with the relevant issues and will work with your other professional advisers to achieve the desired outcome for you. Find out more about our Corporate Finance services here.


The UK tax system embraces many different tax rates, reliefs and allowances. Every UK business should carefully choose its business structure and ownership, remembering that tax is not the only consideration.  Whilst companies offer lower tax rates and protection, sole trades and partnerships remain more flexible.  Our team will work with you to select the optimum structure and revisit this with you on a regular basis.

Capital Allowances Planning

Your business makes regular investments in its assets and infrastructure, whether that be plant and equipment, fixtures, property or motor vehicles.  Our tax team can assist you in claiming valuable tax reliefs to reduce the after tax cost of the investment.

We are more than happy to have an initial discussion at our cost to see how we can help you to plan efficiently for your future. Please contact the team for more information and to discuss your business ambitions.

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