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    Our Technology team have years of experience and knowledge to guide you through the ever-changing, innovative sector

Technology Specialists

Technology is a key growth market both locally and for the whole of the UK and here at EQ we have years of experience and knowledge to meet the specific needs of your business.

Technology covers many areas and we act for a wide range of businesses, from small entrepreneurial start-ups to established corporate groups. We know that businesses within the technology industry face some very specific challenges. Our dedicated team have the understanding of the relevant issues, and the experience needed to assist clients such as:

  • Digital media
  • Web based applications
  • Life sciences
  • Chemical processes
  • High Value manufacturing
  • Energy/renewables
  • Clean technology/environmental
  • All other businesses within the sector

This variety has allowed us to gain broad expertise and experience, meaning that we can provide the right level of service to meet your needs, no matter what stage your business is at.

We look to work closely with other professionals in the sector, including solicitors, patent attorneys, IP consultants, banks and investors, to find the best solutions for our clients.

Our core strengths of accounting and advisory support, taxation, and corporate finance are enhanced by the expertise we have accumulated over the years. Using this experience in what is a highly specialised sector, we can guide your business towards achieving your goals.

Virtual Finance Office

Staff are one of the most important assets in the ongoing success of any Technology business and therefore payroll compliance is critical. Our Virtual Finance Office (VFO) assists businesses of all sizes in adhering to the relevant HM Revenue & Customs legislation, ensuring return filing and payment dates are met, whilst also providing support on all payroll related matters, including auto enrolment, P11D expenses and benefits, and the living wage.

We understand that it can be a time consuming challenge to maintain adequate records, which provide useful management information, alongside running a business. Our VFO is there to take the hassle away from you and to allow you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. Bookkeeping and VAT support is tailored to each individual situation, from full outsourcing to VAT return review only, and kept flexible, as we appreciate circumstances can change overnight.

To find out more about how our VFO can help your business, contact one our Technology specialists who will be happy to discuss your requirements and find the right solution for you.

Corporate Finance

We advise on all aspects of corporate finance transactions, from start-ups, mergers and acquisitions to company sales and management buy-outs.


The foundations of any new business are critical and we can help you with these building blocks.

We can explain the various structures available – such as partnerships, joint ventures and corporates – and can advise on the pitfalls to avoid.


Funding of your venture is key at the outset and may also be throughout the business cycle if significant research and testing is required before revenues can be generated.

We can assist with the preparation of your business plan and help you secure the financing you require.


This stage can signal the end of a client’s involvement in a business activity, or can be a part disposal perhaps, which generates funds to expand core operations. No matter the motivation for disposal, this is a critical stage for any business – both commercially and from a taxation viewpoint.

Whether it be the preparation for disposal, sourcing a purchaser or the sales transaction itself, we can help you to maximise the return on your investment.

Read more about our corporate finance services here.

We’ll explain the options for structuring your business, assist in preparing business plans and projections to secure funding, and advise on the wide ranging tax implications of a sale or restructure, to maximise return and help you to achieve your aims and expectations.

R&D Tax Credits

Our team of experts have secured millions of pounds of tax repayments for our corporate clients through a proactive approach in identifying and completing relevant claims. We will assess your eligibility and then prepare a claim for you, if relevant.  Your involvement need not take more than three or four hours and the benefits can be huge.

To date, we have saved over £9 million pounds for our clients.

R&D tax credits create a valuable cash flow injection for eligible companies. They then have the enviable problem of how to reinvest it for the benefit of the company.

We have a 100% track record of success, every claim submitted having benefited the claimant company. To find out if you are entitled to save thousands of pounds annually, contact our taxation experts for an initial discussion and we will give you an honest assessment of your potential to claim R&D tax credits, at our cost.


Recruiting, Retaining & Motivating

Together with the underlying technology, one of the key drivers towards a successful business is its people. In an environment where cash is king, it is important to plan how to attract, retain and motivate the key personnel required, in a cost effective manner. This might be through salary, performance related bonuses or via share incentives such as an award of shares or grant of share options.

We can explain the options available to you and the tax consequences for both you and your team member.

International Business Support

We recognised the need to support clients internationally many years ago, and were one of the earliest practices to join Kreston International during the 1980’s. Kreston is a network of independent accounting firms, with representation in over 110 countries.

Find out more about Kreston International here.

Through this network we are able to provide cost effective international business and tax advice and can help you understand the issues, the pitfalls and the opportunities available.

To find out more, contact us for a completely free consultation. In the first instance, contact one of the following members of our team for a confidential discussion on how we can help you.

  • We enjoy working with EQ. As well as providing the normal compliance services, they have been able to provide advice and support at a strategic level over the years and are always quick with a response. A large part of any working relationship comes down to personalities and we've always found the EQ team friendly and approachable and we trust them to do the best for our business.

    Brian Frame
    Managing Director, Rautomead Limited

  • As a medium sized business, we had used a big 4 firm to carry out our audit and tax work for many years. Following some service issues, a decision was made to move to a local firm for that work. I am pleased to say that the move has been a benefit to us, with an improved service, and reduced costs.

    Colin Cameron
    Scott & Fyfe Limited

  • We required a very quick solution to a project and EQ supplied it, in a very timely and professional manner, with minimal input from ourselves.


  • They are very pragmatic and I think the great thing about them is that they are always willing to hear what your goals are and to support them. They don't necessarily want to go through an accounting approach to everything you do. As an example, a couple of years back when I first approached EQ and said I had this idea for the app, we sat down over a cup of tea and they asked me all about my business plan for the app. As the company grows, I need an accountancy firm big enough to grow with me.

    Stuart Lothian
    Managing Director, Lothianious and Its Appt

  • EQ have provided a first class service throughout their dealings with us, culminating in a large Research and Development Tax Credit claim being successfully secured. It's advice like this that's crucial to the continuing success of our business.


  • As a company, we have been working with EQ for over 20 years. Although we have internal accountancy personnel, over the years we have found EQ’s support and advice invaluable, whether this has been for our yearly audits, or providing R&D grant support, their attention to detail can only be described as excellent. As EQ has expanded, we have not seen any reduction in in the personal type service they have provided since day one, and we look forward to continuing this professional relationship into the future.

    Roy Henderson
    Managing Director, SP Technology Limited

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