Why keeping in contact and technology are vital in current times

Category: AgricultureCOVID-19 - Posted On: Jul 28 2020

Recent times have shown how important it is to keep in contact with your key advisors. Although our EQ Agriculture team were disappointed not being able to meet our clients at the summer show circuit, we have still maintained regular contact whether it be in relation to COVID-19 support measures, or other business issues as the agricultural sector continues as ‘normally’ as possible. For many in the farming community, at the time lockdown occurred, the spring work was in full flow and it wasn’t until this work was finished, they found out the true impact of lockdown away from the farm.

During these difficult circumstances, technology has also shown its true worth. For many of our clients, they were already using online bookkeeping packages, such as Xero, and have seen the full benefit of doing so. Not only have we been able to continue to prepare their accounts and provide valuable and timely information, it has also meant we are able to inform clients of tax liabilities due in January 2021.

In the majority of cases we have required very little additional information away from the online records. This was (and still is) of great benefit to us and our clients, as we continue to work remotely. Using an online system also means that bookkeepers can work from home and not need to visit the farm to prepare the monthly VAT return, or leave with the office computer! With the appropriate access, bookkeepers and accountants have the same access from their home as they do in the farm office. These are all seen as hugely positive to our many clients, who have moved to online bookkeeping over recent months.

As we continue to work from home, we are still able to provide demonstrations of Xero and its various functions. For more information, please contact your EQ contact via agriculture@eqaccountants.co.uk or call 01307 474274 / 01334 654044.