Would an Employee Ownership Trust benefit your children’s nursery?

Category: HealthcareTaxation - Posted On: Apr 12 2022

An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), when a business is partly or entirely owned by the workforce, can be used to help secure the future of a company. Despite becoming increasingly popular in recent years, there are very few children’s nurseries who have taken advantage of this share option scheme.

The first childcare business in Scotland to transition to an EOT was a nursery based in Edinburgh, Kidzcare. The transition was made to allow the founder to withdraw from the business and pass it on to others who have helped make it a success. EOT’s are known to encourage higher levels of productivity and innovation due to the workforce being invested in the future of the company and are an attractive option for those looking to exit a business. Along with these advantages for the company, employees can each receive an annual bonus of up to £3,600 tax free.

Our EQ Healthcare specialists have amassed expert knowledge, and valuable experience, from their clients and are on hand to help guide you through the EOT process. If you would like to discuss how an EOT could benefit your children’s nursery, please contact our EQ Healthcare team via healthcare@eqaccountants.co.uk or by calling one of our offices.

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